All about Earth Journey

Earth Journey started in 2017 as a small little business I started wire wrapping crystals to help me move to Kauai. I was moving there to work on an organic farm and live sustainably off of the land. As time has gone on, Earth Journey has evolved and grown into my passion and drive for my own Earth Journey. I went to Aveda in 2013 for my cosmetology and master esthetician licenses. I then moved to Kauai and practiced sustainable, organic farming. I since then have been doing deep healing work, received my Reiki 1 & 2, Master, and Holy Fire training for energy healing. I currently am going deeper in my education by learning the ancestral and traditional lineages of the energy healing I practice. I have a deep love for inspiring others through their healing journey, with the remembering that we are Divine beings of love. As we integrate our shadow, we remember we are Divine. 
I love inspiring and guiding others through my vulnerability. Sharing my experiences to inspire others that vulnerability is strength. There is so much I hope to share, in the most loving and humble way. 
Giving back to Mother Earth is very important to me. To care for her as she does for us. I hold so much love for her. 

When I am not working 1:1 with others in their healing sessions I am learning, creating, healing, supporting those I love, and adventuring in nature with my love and our dog baby. <3